Your YouTube Channel - Mandatory
YouTube is one of the most popular web sites on the planet, and is always in the top five of most trafficked web sites (according to YouTube allows multiple "look and feel" options for your "YouTube home page" and every video page gives users options for sharing and distributing that video to others. When properly encoded and uploaded, videos are also available in "high quality."

Howcast - A Great Viewing Experience
Although my videos don't get a lot of views on Howcast, I love Howcast because they use a large Flash player with H.264 streaming technology and therefore my videos look great. Howcast is just one of many video sharing sites available to you.

TubeMogul Video Distribution - A Time Saver
TubeMogul is an online video distribution service: upload your video to them and then TubeMogul (through your user interface) will upload that same video to multiple video sharing sites. The image above is from one of my videos that I uploaded first to TubeMogul, and then to all of the video sharing sites you see on the left. The green dots mean that the uploads to those sites were successful. This service is easy to use and even gives statistics of your video views (see below). If you want to save days of uploading time, use TubeMogul.

TubeMogul - Viewing Statistics
Get statistics of your video views when you use Tubemogul.


Share Your Video
You can share your video(s) on the Internet by posting your video on:
1) Your own web site(s),
2) Blogs (text or video) & podcasts,
3) Social networking sites, and
4) Video sharing sites.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about posting videos on blogs (e.g., Blogger and WordPress), social networking sites (e.g., Myspace and Faceook) and video sharing sites (e.g., YouTube and Veoh) is that users can repost the videos elsewhere, and that's the meaning of a "viral video."

For example, consider that I've uploaded 136 of my natural living videos—hosted by Zoe Simpson—to about 16 video sharing sites. In theory that would mean a Google search on the phrase "host Zoe Simpson" (which I used on all the video descriptions) would yield around 2,200 results. But it's actually over 20,000 results because it's been posted on additinal web sites by others: either automatically or deliberately.

Your Website
You can place a Quicktime video or Flash video onto your web site (through your web master), or you can embed the video onto your web site from a video sharing web site using its HTML embed code. A Quicktime video will look the best and load the fastest, but the Quicktime video player (although free) isn't on all PC computers. A Flash video will be the most universally viewable video, but doesn't look as good as a Quicktime video. An embedded video from a sharing site (such as YouTube) may or may not load quickly on your site, but can be easily placed. I explain much more about these video player formats here. For my clients I provide custom created Quicktime video files and Flash video files of their completed video based on their specific needs.

Blogs & Podcasts
Videos can be posted on a text blog (e.g., a blog primarily made up of text), a video blog (e.g., a series of videos on one blog) or placed into a podcast (a series of videos streamed to viewers via a "player" or "reader," such as iTunes). I'm not currently doing this with my videos, although people can subscribe to my videos on the various video sharing web sites where my videos are posted. Here are some well known blog and podcast resources to get you started:


Social Networking Sites
If you look at Alexa's statistics for the top ten trafficked web sites in the world, you'll see that MySpace and FaceBook, two social networking sites, are in the top ten sites (and so is YouTube and Blogger). Both sites offer video uploading and sharing capabilities. Part of getting a video to "go viral" is to be social and "spread the word" and the use of MySpace and Facebook is one of many ways to make that happen.

Video Sharing Sites
YouTube, although the biggest and most popular of all video sharing sites, is not the only one. There are at least a dozen others worth posting to, and more keep popping up every day. Some sites use older Flash players, some use the newer Flash H.264 player, some load slowly but are higher quality, some load quickly but are lower quality, and so on. Nevertheless, I have found that YouTube accounts for only about 55% of all my video views and the other video sharing sites account for the rest of my video views. Therefore, it's best to upload to all sites you can to ensure maximum exposure of your video(s), and thus I suggest these sites as well:

Yahoo Video
Google Video

Video Distribution Services
A video distribution services allows you to upload once to their site, and then that site will upload to multiple video sharing sites. In addition to being an incredible time saver, these services also offer video view statistics, among other services. Two popular services are:

1) TubeMogul, and
2) Vidmetrix.

I've tried both, and by far, I prefer the interface of TubeMogul. Nevertheless, Vidmetrix is good as well. I've also tried HeySpread, but didn't have good results at all with their service.