Natural Health Practitioner YouTube Videos
Video Production by Natural Health Expert Larry Cook

Video Pricing*
When shot at my in-home studio
For My YouTube Channel
First Video: $500
Second Video: $250*
Third Video: $175*
*When shot on the same day

Shot at your location: Add $400
Finished video for your use (you upload to other websites besides youtube): Add $150

Includes videotaping, teleprompter, lighting, sound, editing, encoding, and uploading to my YouTube Channel.* (see below for more terms)

Prices are for interview type videos (such as this one, this one or this one); other kinds of videos can be produced, but I need to create a customized individual bid per potential project.

The final video is placed onto my youtube channel in the same way I put all my other videos (e.g., with my book at the front and end).

I use a teleprompter for all health practitioner videos to help ensure the easiest, most accurate possible presentation. After figuring out the topic and major bullet points, you'll write the script and then I'll help you edit it for the on-camera presentation.

Video Samples
My youtube channel home page: 375+ videos.
Dr. Angela Agrios, ND - she gets new patients every week from her videos (25 videos).
Dr. Simon Barker, ND - he had someone fly over from Dubai to get treated by him (4 videos).
Naturopathic Doctor Interview Playlist: 32 videos.

• My youtube channel has over 13,500 subscribers, and when I post a video, all are notified.
Facebook: the videos are put into my streams, and I post on other FB pages as well.
• Videos can be easily embedded onto other websites, related to natural health.
• Videos can be easily embedded onto a practitioner's website.
• For all of my 375 plus YouTube videos, I average over 2,000 views per day.
• Natural doctor videos can average from 10 views to 50 views a day, typically.
• I carefully create titles for videos based on keywords and search patterns; the video description is also carefully written to help each video get more views.

I produce superior quality videos that deliver highly informative natural health content to the masses, and I can do the same for you. I look forward to answering your questions.

Larry Cook
Los Angeles, California

*Videos uploaded to my YouTube Channel may not be copied and uploaded anywhere else without my permission. Duplicate videos on YouTube are not allowed. Full payment due on day of taping. Price does not include editing into the video additional imagery. $100 cancelation fee applies if canceled on the day of the shoot. I reserve the right to reschedule the shoot prior to the shoot date.

Dear Larry,
I’m sure we’ll collaborate in the future, at least through a couple more DVDs through the Book Publishing Company, if not more! Nothing like today’s disaster with the non-director from hell in NYC to make clear how wonderful it was/is to work with a truly excellent, brilliant, creative, rare-talent professional like yourself. I’m spoiled now and can’t go back! Doing that DVD with you was a true high point of my entire career thus far. I just can’t thank you enough for soaring above & beyond for my DVD.
All the best,

Jenny Cornbleet
Author, Raw Food Made Easy

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